Storage Intergration TTN

The Storage Integration is a free sevice provided by TheThingsNetwork it allows you to save data from your node in a database. The data is stored for seven days. you can then use the API to retrieve this data.
In this example we are going to connect a node with a DHT11 sensor from the previos example the node will send the data from the DHT sensor to the Data Storage we are using PHP to retrieve the data so that we can display it on our webpage or mobile application.
We have 3 simple examples

  • Single sensor in HTML
  • Multiple sensor from 1 application.
  • And a simple HTML5 mobile framework example

View the example page here
Or download the code from Github

The examples are simple and plain and are just to let you see how you can use this integration.
You can edit,and change  the script to your own needs for now we are going to use the DHT sensor as example.
View the turoial TTN payload to HTML here

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