LoRa GateWay PCB 301 Shield Only for RFM92/RFM95 Wemos D1


Create a simple LoRa IOT Single Channel GateWay with this interface PCB. This board is perfect for learning and experimenting with LoRa. Just add a Wemos and a HopeRF RFM92/95 LoRa module to the PCB and you are ready to go.

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This PCB is an easy way to connect the SMD RFM to the Wemos D1.
The data lines are connected from the Wemos to the RFM.

All three RFM grounds are interconnected to the ground plane.

Power supply:
Regulate the voltage to 3.3v for the HopeRF RFM92/95 module. 
The HopeRF RFM92/95 only works on 3.3 volt.
Higher voltage will damage your LoRa module!!



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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 cm


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